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Happy Friday, everyone! ♡

I realized the other day that it’s been over a year and a half since I’ve done a day in the life post on here…and I kind of miss them! So now that we’re back home in Barcelona and getting settled into our usual routine again, I decided to snap my way through our day yesterday to capture a bit of what life looks like lately with our little guy (who just turned 18 months today, time is flying!).

We’re settling in here for a cozy almost-fall weekend ahead with a few toddler playdates, lunch with some Kansas City friends who are passing through town, maybe a little fall baking, and then I’m excited to dive into this new book. Wherever in the world this finds you today, I hope that you’re all doing well and wish you a lovely and peaceful weekend ahead, xoxo

7:00: Muy buenos días. ♡ An iced latte to start the day, courtesy of my favorite barista.

7:30: Teo’s turn to rise and shine! This busy little dude doesn’t want to stay still for a single photo lately, so my camera roll is full of lots of blurry cuteness right now.

7:45: Quick clean-out-the-fridge egg scramble for our desayuno (and plain scrambled eggs, PB toast and banana for Teo’s).

8:00: He’s now tall enough to press all of the buttons…which means that we occasionally now return to a mysteriously paused laundry cycle an hour later.

8:30: And off they go! Teo just started attending a sweet little Montessori guardería (daycare) last week and, like most daycares here in Spain, they have a lengthy “adaptation” period during which the parents are encouraged to stay with the kids to help ease the transition. So we’re taking turns spending our mornings there with Teo until the teachers think he is ready to stay on his own.

9:00: Having the house to myself again for the first time in a year and a half while Teo’s at daycare feels surreal. (It’s soooo quiet!) Finishing up my coffee now and wrapping up edits on a post today for my favorite fall salad.

10:30: Off for a quick spin around the neighborhood to go grocery shopping!

10:45: Buying groceries is still rarely a one-stop-shop sort of thing for us here in Barcelona, which now feels normal after nearly five years here. Today I was able to round up the majority of the ingredients I needed at our main neighborhood grocery store, but now I’m filling in the gaps at our neighborhood bulk store (where I stocked up on various types of nuts, wild rice and spices)…

11:00: …and our brand-new neighborhood frutería, which I’m super excited about because it’s close by and usually very well-stocked (today I was able to track down some fresh dill, green onions, and tahini).

11:15: Listened to the second part of the We Can Do Hard Things interview with Dr. Becky while I was out and about. And wow, both of these episodes have blown me away. Highly recommend.

12:15: Back home and in the kitchen now testing testing a new recipe for salmon cakes (salmon patties? salmon burgers? what to call these)…

12:30: …and, omg, they were fantastic. Teo gave them two chubby little thumbs up too once the boys arrived home.

12:35: I’ve been on a fresh mint tea kick lately in the afternoons, which I especially love serving over ice with a squeeze of lime. Refreshing, kind of mojito-y, caffeine-free, and super easy.

13:00: Back to work with this coworker. 🙂

13:00: Switching gears away from Gimme Some Oven to spend the afternoon working on our monthly newsletter for The Wash Project. (If you’d like to follow the latest updates happening in Mali, here’s a quick link to sign up!)

15:00: My sweet and savory afternoon merienda — mandarina, pistachios, aged cheddar, and these paper-thin garlicky crackers that we brought home from Italy that I absolutely adore. Dinners usually don’t happen until after 8 or 9pm in Spain, so afternoon snacks are essential!

15:05: Little break to go hang out with Teo and our wonderful nanny, Inés, who takes care of him here in the afternoons.

17:00: Cooked up a double batch of my cozy autumn wild rice soup so that we could take a batch upstairs to our favorite neighbor (Teo’s adopted Catalan abuela) who recently returned home from being hospitalized. My friend, Vanessa, who is coming over later this evening, happens to be vegan and also really loves this recipe too. So it felt like the perfect night to simmer up a big batch.

17:05: Also popped a quick round of nooch popcorn for later tonight!

17:45: After-dinner paseo with the fam. The weather here has finally started cooling off lately and it feels soooo nice out at this time of the evening.

18:30: Inés and I have been having lots of fun creating little homemade books for Teo this year, and he is always so delighted when he recognizes himself in the story. It’s been so cute!

19:00: Speaking of delighted, one of Teo’s favorite moments of each evening is catching a glimpse of his little bear-towel ears in the mirror after bath time. Our little Teosito! 😉

19:30: Each night when we place him in his crib, Teo reaches up to choose a peluche to sleep with. And the tenderness with which he pats and snuggles and cares for these little stuffed animals is just so, so sweet. Love this little boy and his big heart so much.

19:35: Back to the kitchen for a third round of dishes for the day with Barc. (Howww do the dishes never end?!)

21:00: Thursday night Bach night! My friend, Vanessa, and I cozied up with soup, popcorn and vegan donuts while our guys went out for tapas.

22:00: We’re missing the third of our usual Bach-watching trio tonight, who’s currently back in the States visiting her family. But loved getting to catch up and, of course, over-analyze every minute of this ridiculous show with this sweet friend. 😉

23:50: Stayed up late chatting once the guys returned home. ♡ Now, off to get ready for bed quickly before our little human alarm clock rises and shines.

Midnight: Barclay have been ending our days this week reading through our friend, Evan’s, brand new book. I finished up his essay tonight breaking down the brilliance of Seinfeld’s comedy which was so thoughtfully written and spot-on. So proud of him!

0:20: And that’s a wrap! Thanks for following along with our day, and buenas noches a todos