Classic BBQ Recipes for the pellet grill

Your pellet grill is a fully functional smoker, and it can make all of your smokehouse favorites in your very own backyard!


From ribs with a bite to fall-off-the-bone, you can make them however you want on your pellet grill!


Our smoked brisket rivals anything you can get at the local BBQ joint, get the recipe below as well as a few of our favorite ways to use up any leftover brisket you might have laying around!

Pulled Pork

Pork butt is ever-versatile, and you can’t have BBQ without it. From a traditional method smoked for hours and hours (and hours), to our shortcut method using the pressure cooker, we’ve got everything you need here and ideas on what to make with the rest, too.


Turkey and chicken – oh my! Poultry on the smoker is the best kind, and we have all the recipes you need here.

Where’s the BEEF?

There are so many ways to make incredible smoked beef on the Traeger! Find our favorite recipes below.

Burnt Ends

They aren’t burnt, and they actually aren’t always ends either. But they are delicious.

Classic BBQ Side Dishes

All of your favorites are home-tested and friends and family approved.